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Maple Syrup Mold:

Occasionally, over time, a mold will appear on the surface of the syrup.
This mold is a falsur mold and is seen often in maple syrups of all qualities and colors. It is not toxic to humans just unpleasant to the eye.

To remove the mold, just follow these instructions to restore your syrup to
its original state:

a. Skim off the top surface of the syrup where the mold has formed and
dispose of it.

b. Then pour the syrup into a heat resistant container.

c. Heat the syrup to the boiling point.

d. Cool slightly and once again, skim the surface of the syrup.

e. Wash the original container in very hot sudsy water and rinse.

f. Refill the container with the hot syrup. Cool and refrigerate.

Your syrup will once again be restored to its original quality. You may
repeat this procedure as often as needed. This will allow you to enjoy your
syrup repeatedly!


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