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Tapping a maple tree

Fun Facts

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Trees can be tapped as early as the end of January.

As the tree increases in diameter, a maximum of four taps can be
put into a tree.

Warm sunny days and frosty nights are the best temperatures for sap
to flow.

On average, it takes 45 gallons of evaporated sap to produce one
gallon of syrup.

Maple syrup and white cane sugar have about the same amount of
calories per Tbsp. (50 calories), however, maple syrup has the greater
health benefits because it contains a significant amount of your RDA for
potassium and calcium.

In April, when the buds on the maple tree begin to grow, the sap
tapping is discontinued because the sap becomes unsavory.

Sap becomes maple syrup when it reaches 7- 1/2 degrees above the
boiling point of water. At that point, it is 67% sugar.

Maple syrup comes in different grades:
"fancy" grade - is the lightest colored
"commercial" grade is the best syrup to use in cooking because it is rich in flavor

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