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Epler’s Maple Syrup started in the 1940’s when granddad (Harry Epler) and his two sons began tapping sap from about 40 maple trees on the Epler Farm. They used horses with wagons and metal buckets to bring the sap to Grandma’s (Mary Epler’s) open pan where she would prepare it for use. My grandparents sold some of the syrup but most of it they kept for themselves. Grandma would use it to make some of her delicious family recipes. (Some of which are included in this web site today.) Due to farming operations, the maple sapping had to be discontinued for a few years.

In 1988, my Uncle Bob and I started sapping the maple trees again. We had 2,000 taps and 20 miles of tubing to carry the syrup to our collection tanks. Since 1988, we have added more taps and today we have approximately 8,000 taps on 500 acres. In the fall of 2002, we added to our business a new stainless steel evaporator. This year we purchased a new R/O reverse osmosis machine which enables us to produce and sell the finest quality, taste and color of maple syrup on the market today. We even sell our syrup in special collector’s glass bottle and jars for gift giving or collecting.

Epler Maple Syrup is located just off of Route 220, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. I am always willing to speak to you about our maple syrup and its quality. If you have any questions about how we produce it or if you would like to add more syrup recipes to your cookbook, just send an e-mail to: mike@eplermaplesyrup.com or give us a call at 570-363-2350. We will be very glad to speak with you.

We hope to hear from you soon.
Mike Epler, Proprietor
Epler’s Maple Syrup



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